Best Scary Movies for a Romantic Night With Your Partner

Best Scary Movies for a Romantic Night With Your Partner

If you have not yet seen a scary movie with that special someone, you have been missing out on something huge! Simply put, watching something scary together raises pretty much the same chemicals in the body as when you are infatuated or have freshly fallen in love.

As Psychology Advisor, Art Markman, Ph.D., puts it, “If you do some scary activities, the main thing that is going to happen is that it will increase your overall arousal level. You are much more likely to be more passionate about anything when your arousal is high than when it is low.” This typically leads to you two holding each other very close, and the scarier it gets the closer you get. We are sure you get the picture, right?

Well, talking about scary movies, what can be a better day to watch a horror film that that of Halloween? Now, all you need to do is pick the right movie and let the scary “romantic” times begin! Here are a few tried and true favourites.

The Descent

A group of women facing a monster in the outdoors, makes for a great movie to watch with your sweetheart while snuggling in the bed. All female cast, lots of thrilling tension, and really scary places will make holding hands and much more come naturally to both of you. The tension doesn’t stop right till the end, so it is a great movie to watch for its extended shock value.

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This is for all the sci-fi buffs, who love to get their chills from the ‘extraterrestrial beings’. It is going to make ‘scary hormones’ erupt from every inch of your bodies. Well, this is one that all guys in particular are going to love- sci-fi, thriller, a cyborg, and aliens; get it?

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The Blair Witch Project

A classic movie that will not fail to send chills down the spine, and force you to want to hold your special someone, close to you just so you feel safe! That feeling of fear mingled with excitement, can lead to a lot of other stuff, which you make you come close to each other, thanks to the fear-stricken hormones.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

We mean the 1984 version, not the newer ones. This movie is as scary as it can get, with a scary character that haunts innocent youngsters when they go off to sleep through their nightmares. With dialogues like, “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep”, this is bound to keep you and your special one awake. And when you are awake, use the moment to your advantage, we suggest!

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Ragini MMS 2

This latest film from the Bhatt camp has the sexy seductress, Sunny Leone. And, it isn’t without its moments of bone-chilling thrills. Of course, when the action on screen gets as hot as this, maybe the action off-screen can also follow suit. Well, if you truly want to get scared, then we suggest you to also go for Ragini MMS (the first one).

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Bandh Darwaza

This classic Ramsay horror flick makes for a fun watch with your special someone. With tacky makeup and a script that makes no sense, this is horror so good that it will make you laugh. Yet it is not without its portions of suspense and thrills, so all-in-all, it does make for an enjoyable evening.

Now, something not so scary to bring you closer:

Scary Movie series: This parody franchise is great if you and your partner are not especially fond of scary movies. It has just the right amount of thrills, and a large dose of funny slapstick humour that is bound to get you two rolling. After all, humour is another thing that always tops the list of attraction, right?